RADICAL Success Method Training and Certification Enrollment


  • A nine-month learning journey.
  • Three-day live coaching competencies retreat.
  • 60 + hours of learning content.
  • 40+ hours of live sessions.
  • Real-world clients to coach as part of program.
  • Access assessments, self-refection exercises and assignments.
  • Build your marketing message, pricing structure, enrollment process and fulfillment system.
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Part 1: The RADICAL Success Method is taught online with a mix of weekly modules and live teachings. (12 Weeks)

Part 2: The program continues with a 3 day live event in Atlanta, GA. 

Part 3: Practical Application and Coaching is conducted. (12 Weeks)

Part 4: Growing your coaching practice focuses on marketing, branding, pricing and attracting clients. Taught online, it's a mix of weekly modules and live teachings. (12 Weeks)

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RADICAL Success Method Training & Certification Program Enrollment is Closed

Our Next Start Date is September 14, 2020

Early Enrollment Ends June 15th


1. What's unique about this training program?

This program not only teaches you core coaching skills, but the RADICAL Success Method. This is a researched based curriculum that you can use with your clients. You'll have the modules, worksheets, assessments and curriculum to create real transformation for your clients - allowing them to achieve their biggest goals.

2. I want to apply, but I may not be able to attend the retreat in Atlanta.

No worries! You'll get access to all the recordings from that weekend and access to our next event. The program is 9 months with 80% taught online. 

3. What type of coaches would thrive in this program?

This is for coaches who are looking to add a structured curriculum to their practice to empower their clients to achieve true transformation. The Method works with coaches who coach around success, career, business finances and wellness. 

4. How will I get to apply what I learn?

As part of the program, you'll work directly with clients to coach them through the Method.

5. Will I learn how to get clients?

Yes! You'll learn proven marketing and sales strategies to attract your ideal client, create your coaching packages and set our fees.

The Power of the RADICAL Success Method

"Doreen’s RADICAL Coaching has caused a strong paradigm shift in my life. I no longer blame others when I find myself stuck. This method has taught me how to get back on track and stay in action."

-TP Johnson

"The RADICAL Method has taught me how to set boundaries, stand on my “NO” without guilt and how to move forward with my goals without hesitation."

-Christina Dixon

"Doreen kept everything REAL. I really related to the exercises, goal setting process and the time management strategy."

-Michelle Browne-Cathey

“Doreen and the RADICAL Method was able to facilitate for me in 5 months what I had struggled with for 5 years.”

– Cledra McCullers-Gross